Good Old Stirling

After a week of being stuck in the house due to a mixture of lockdown and terrible weather, the first dry day sees me seeking out a new adventure: with my eyes on Stirling old town.

I head off on a short walk into town and after picking up one of my pals who I haven’t seen in months, we head up the steep hill towards Stirling castle, which highlights just how badly out of shape I am. Once we get to the top of the hill, we find, unsurprisingly, that the castle is closed, but are rewarded with some stunning views across stirling and most of the surrounding counties. There are a few people wandering about, but the car park at the castle entrance is mostly deserted. We have a quick wander about the car park, looking at the statues.

Once we have seen everything on offer, we head down towards the church of the holy rude, a medieval parish church which has been in Stirling for hundreds of years. But before we get there, we pass through the old town cemetery: a massive collection of very impressive headstones, most dating back to the 1800’s and some old that the writing is no longer visible. We finally arrive at the holy rude church and it is closed, but we take a few moments to admire the architecture and then head on our way back down the hill.

We then head over towards kings park which is surprisingly busy. The 4 tennis courts are all occupied, there are a couple of people skateboarding in the skate park and lots of people out for a walk, all going to lengths to avoid breaching the social distancing guidelines. The park itself is a good size, there is a football pitch (but no-one playing at the moment) and lots of space for walking and picnics. There is also a path which goes around the golf course and ends up at the other end of the park and well worth a visit if the weather is nice.

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