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Everyone loves free stuff and I am no different, especially when it comes to activities. There is nothing worse than spending my hard earned cash on something, getting excited about trying it, and it turning out to be a complete let down. It reminds me of my first (and only) time playing lawn bowls… After some convincing, I agreed to play my dad on a sunny mid-week afternoon at his local club, and I am sad to say, I enjoyed pretty much nothing about it. I thought it was really boring and too slow paced, but luckily, it was a very nice day and I hadn't paid anything to try it, so it wasn’t the end of the world. That being said, there have been many free experiences I have enjoyed: visiting many free museums and art galleries (pretty much all in Scotland are free), historical sites, parks, beaches and hill climbing. So if money is tight, they are always some great options to go for.

But while there are many great free local activities all across the UK, most of the activities listed on GroupClub are paid for. This is due to the massive costs associated with running an activity. After capital costs, the main expense is employee wages, which is why many of the groups and clubs you will find are run by dedicated volunteers without whom simply wouldn’t be able to function. Even when volunteers take charge, there are still lots of other overhead costs, such as rent, equipment, heating, electricity, affiliation costs and insurance to name a few. So these costs are worth bearing in mind when the local gym advertises their membership for £20 per month as a great deal, as it is considering how expensive it is to run.

Most groups and clubs will offer your first session free, as a taster to see if you like it or not. Even if this isn’t advertised, it is always worth asking about as they might be able to do it as a one off, to encourage new members. So if unsure about trying something new that has a paid subscription, it is always worth giving the organisers a buzz to see if they can offer a taster session. Admittedly, I haven’t been to a taster session since my university days (longer ago than I’d care to admit), but I tried quite a few new things in my final year, and ended up a member of the archery and volleyball clubs. Although I was truly awful at it, I ended up falling in love with volleyball, and am gutted that the nearest volleyball club to me seems to be about 20 miles away, otherwise I’d be straight back into it.

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