A Trip Back in Time

For my first venture into my new life of trying new things, I thought I would start off doing something reasonably local. So, on a fairly miserable Scottish day in June, I headed down to the battle of Bannockburn visitor centre in Stirling.

The visitor centre itself is quite easy to find. It is well signposted on the main road to Stirling and there is a massive pole with a Scotland flag just behind it, which is difficult to miss. When I arrive I discover the visitor centre is, like most things during this pandemic, closed. No matter, there are still a couple of attractions in the grounds which are still open to visitors.

Robert the Bruce Statue

The grounds are deserted, except for a couple of people dog-walking. I head for the massive pole with the Scottish flag and find there are a few monuments, which I spend a couple of moments reading and admiring.

Once I finish with the flagpole and it’s surrounding architecture, I notice a statue nearby. Turns out it is a statue of Robert the Bruce on his horse; the king of Scotland and the victor of the battle of Bannockburn.

While it was a quick visit, I think there is a lot more to the battle of Bannockburn experience, most of which is in the visitor centre. Or at least I would hope so, to justify the £11.50 entry fee. There is also a lot of open grass space, so you could take a picnic and make a day of it.

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