Tips When Trying Something New

  1. If planning to participate in a club for the first time, it is best to contact the club directly before showing up. There are a few reasons for this:

    • To make sure the venue, day and time details listed on GroupClub are correct. 

    • To make sure that particular session hasn’t been cancelled

    • To make sure the session isn’t full or sold out. 

  2. Don’t send any money to the club before you meet them in person. Most clubs will offer your first session for free, to make sure like it, before asking you to commit financially. If any club demands you send money to them before meeting, do not do so and please report them to us for us to investigate. 

  3. If, for any reason, you don’t like the club, speak with an organiser or member of the committee before leaving, as they may be willing to change a particular aspect of the club to accommodate you. 

  4. If you struggle to meet any financial requirements of the club (whether from membership fees or equipment costs), always speak to an organiser before quitting, as most clubs will try to help their members meet any costs they are unable to afford.