Frequently asked questions

I run/own a club. How do I add the details to GroupClub?

Go to our 'Add Your Club' page, which can be found under the 'Contact' tab. Then fill out the fields and click submit at the bottom. We will then review the club, and make any necessary adjustments, and then upload the details to GroupClub.

I uploaded details of my club to GroupClub, but can't find it.

We check all uploads to GroupClub to make sure they are suitable for display. This can take a few days depending on the volume of uploads, although we aim to check within a day. We may on a rare occasion change the details you have provided to match our indexing patterns (i.e. you put 'golf club' as the club type, but we would change this to 'Golf'). If for any reason your club is not suitable for GroupClub, we will notify you to the email address provided with the reasons why.

How can I advertise my club?

We have a range of advertising packages available. Head to our 'advertising packages' page under the 'contact' tab for more information.