GroupClub: free to host! Forever!

The idea for GroupClub came about when I moved to a new city and was looking for ways to meet some new people and join some clubs, but found it very difficult to find information about what was on offer. GroupClub aims to solve this problem by hosting every group, club, event and activity in the UK so there is always something for everyone. 


The aim of GroupClub is to provide an easy to use way of meeting new people, and trying new activities by joining local groups and clubs. We host all sorts of groups and clubs from pub quizzes to local golf clubs, gyms and lots of other sports clubs.

Due to the massive number of available activities, it will take quite a long time to list everything that is available in the UK. If you would rather not wait until we come across your club, and instead have it listed for free more quickly, please fill out our form here

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